LASI 2013

Assessment & Analytics

Learning Analytics assumes you have an understanding of the connection between observations and claims of learning.   Evidence Centered Design is a comprehensive conceptual framework for describing assessment related activities and the inferential and evidentiary aspects of data analysis in learning contexts.  This language has been used to provide a unifying language for a wide range of traditional assessment activities (Mislevy, Steinberg & Almond, 2002), as well as games and simulations (Behrens, et al. 2008), intelligent tutoring systems (Almond, Steinberg & Mislevy, 2002) and the analysis of naturalistic activity (DiCerbo & Behrens, 2012; Mislevy, Behrens, DiCerbo & Levy, 2012).

In this session we will review, discuss and explore how the fundamental concepts of this approach allow for translation and integration across these and other research and assessment activities and disciplines. Activities will include interactive discussion of applying the models in different contexts, and interpreting key analytic and design representations. Participants with MS operating systems or emulators can download Genie from to explore the Bayesian Inference Network discussed as an example in the session.


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