LASI 2013

Dispositional Learning Analytics

This LASI workshop does not assume any prior knowledge of learning dispositions, although background papers and resources are provided in advance for those who wish. The goal is to forge new connections between people already working in the field, and spark new conversations for the rest of LASI and beyond, hopefully, growing into new initiatives.


  • introduce research on how students’ and educators’ dispositions to learning can shape outcomes
  • describe software tools grounded in that research, which enable the techniques to be deployed at scale
  • review the impact of such tools on learners and educators show how, as a by-product of web delivery, one can build quality datasets
  • describe how this data is amenable not only to traditional educational analysis, but explore the prospects for using machine learning and big data approaches
  • consider user interfaces which enable different stakeholders (eg. learners; educators; researchers) to interact with that data coherently
  • looking to the future, what ideas can we brainstorm for the tough questions this field faces, e.g. Can we develop dispositional analytics based on learners' activity traces (rather than self-report)? Can we move from analytics, to recommendation engines able to make timely interventions for educators, or guidance to learners?

Speakers, background papers and websites:



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