LASI 2013

Social Learning Analytics

Much of the learning analytics research to date has adopted grades or assessment items as a proxy for learning. While assessment scores and grades provide easy access to a performance measure it does not necessarily provide a measure of the process of learning. That is, an indication of the types of behaviours and patterns a learner undertakes in association with their peers. The importance of social learning to education has now been well established. The growing popularity in the education literature surrounding concepts such as social learning, social networks, social presence, and social architecture testify to the importance of the relational nature and purpose of learning. This workshop seeks to unpack social network and discourse analysis as dimensions of social learning analytics. The workshop will cover contemporary learning theory and its relationship with analytics methodologies. Participants will examine the learning spaces of a new building and work through the methodologies for assessing the impact of the design space on social learning. This will scenario will be increasingly problematized to engage participants in thinking about alternate virtual and blended spaces.


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