Chris Ballard (Tribal)

Learning Analytics R&D Project at Tribal

SoLAR Storm 1st Thursday open webinar: 1700-1815 GMT, 6 Dec 2012 (Time Zone Conversions)

Replay (launches Blackboard Collaborate Java client)

Abstract: Tribal is a leading provider of technology, service delivery and advisory solutions which support education, learning and training. We supply the SITS: Vision student management system to 70% of UK higher education institutions.

We are excited by Learning Analytics and how it can be used to provide more personalised support for students. Through our innovation team, we are exploring the potential of Learning Analytics and are working with a UK HE institution to build a predictive model which can be used to predict student academic success. Our goal is to build a prototype that enables staff to make more informed decisions.  We are doing this by trying to ensure that predictions are easy to understand, and can be correctly interpreted and acted on.

Chris will provide an overview of the project and will discuss the approach used to build the model and visualise the results. Along the way, he will describe some of the issues we have encountered. We are seeking feedback on our approach from the academic community and welcomes discussion and comments.

Bio: Chris is an Innovation Consultant for Tribal’s innovation team, Tribal Labs, and works with analytics, big data and machine learning. He is responsible for inventing innovative solutions which help people understand complex data to make better more informed decisions. He has 12 years of experience in delivering software solutions to the education sector as a developer and product manager.

Chris is passionate about how Learning Analytics and Big Data can transform education, and is currently working with a university to see how data collected about student activity can be used to support students and help them reach their full potential.


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