Accepted Papers

Full Research Papers

Title Authors
Equity-Forward Learning Analytics: Designing a Dashboard to Support Marginalized Student Success Jay Lynch and Robert Morse
Automating Human Tutor-Style Programming Feedback: Leveraging GPT-4 Tutor Model for Hint Generation and GPT-3.5 Student Model for Hint Validation Tung Phung, Victor-Alexandru Padurean, Anjali Singh, Christopher Brooks, Jose Cambronero, Sumit Gulwani, Adish Singla and Gustavo Soares
SLADE: Towards Designing Safe, Reliable and Trustworthy Human-centred Learning Analytics Systems Riordan Alfredo, Vanessa Echeverria, Yueqiao Jin, Dragan Gašević, Zachari Swiecki and Roberto Martinez-Maldonado
Novice programmers inaccurately monitor the quality of their work and their peers’ work in an introductory computer science course Elizabeth B. Cloude, Pranshu Kumar, Ryan S. Baker and Eric Fouh
Improving Model Fairness with Time-Augmented Bayesian Knowledge Tracing Jake Barrett, Alasdair Day and Kobi Gal
Feedback on Feedback: Comparing Classic Natural Language Processing and Generative AI to Evaluate Peer Feedback Stephen Hutt, Allison DePiro, Joann Wang, Samuel Rhodes, Ryan S. Baker, Grayson Hieb, Sheela Sethuraman, Jaclyn Ocumpaugh and Caitlin Mills
Long-Term Prediction from Topic-Level Knowledge and Engagement Andres Felipe Zambrano and Ryan S. Baker
Towards Comprehensive Monitoring of Graduate Attribute Development: A Learning Analytics Approach in Higher Education Abhinava Barthakur, Jelena Jovanovic, Andrew Zamecnik, Vitomir Kovanovic, Gongjun Xu and Shane Dawson
Epistemic Network Analysis for End-users: Closing the Loop in the Context of Multimodal Analytics for Collaborative Team Learning Linxuan Zhao, Vanessa Echeverria, Zachari Swiecki, Lixiang Yan, Riordan Alfredo, Xinyu Li, Dragan Gasevic and Roberto Martinez-Maldonado
Generative Artificial Intelligence in Learning Analytics: Contextualising Opportunities and Challenges through the Learning Analytics Cycle Lixiang Yan, Roberto Martinez-Maldonado and Dragan Gasevic
TeamSlides: a Multimodal Teamwork Analytics Dashboard for Teacher-guided Reflection in a Physical Learning Space
Vanessa Echeverria, Lixiang Yan, Linxuan Zhao, Sophie Abel, Samantha Dix, Abra Osborne, Hollie Jaggard, Rosie Wotherspoon, Simon Buckingham Shum, Dragan Gasevic and Roberto Martinez-Maldonado
Adaptation of the Multi-Concept Multivariate Elo Rating System to Medical Students' Training Data Erva Nihan Kandemir, Jill-Jênn Vie, Adam Sanchez-Ayte, Olivier Palombi and Franck Ramus
Millions of Views, But Does It Promote Learning? Analyzing Popular SciComm Production Styles Regarding Learning Success, User Behavior and Perception Hendrik Steinbeck, Mohamed Elhayany and Christoph Meinel
Mirror mirror on the wall, what is missing in my pedagogical goals? The Impact of an AI-Driven Feedback System on the Quality of Teacher-Created Learning Designs Gerti Pishtari, Edna Milena Sarmiento-Márquez, María Jesús Rodríguez-Triana, Marlene Wagner and Tobias Ley
Neural Epistemic Network Analysis: Combining Graph Neural Networks and Epistemic Network Analysis to Model Collaborative Processes Zheng Fang, Weiqing Wang, Guanliang Chen and Zachari Swiecki
Data Storytelling in Learning Analytics? A Qualitative Investigation into Educators’ Perceptions of Benefits and Risks Mikaela E. Milesi and Roberto Martinez-Maldonado
Evidence-centered Assessment for Writing with Generative AI Yixin Cheng, Kayley Lyons, Guanliang Chen, Dragan Gasevic and Zachari Swiecki
The Relation Among Gender, Language, and Posting Type in Online Chemistry Course Discussion Forums Genevieve Henricks, Suma Bhat and Michelle Perry
Synthetic Dataset Generation for Fairer Unfairness Research Lan Jiang, Clara Belitz and Nigel Bosch
Hierarchical Dependencies in Classroom Settings Influence Algorithmic Bias Metrics Clara Belitz, HaeJin Lee, Nidhi Nasiar, Stephen Fancsali, Steve Ritter, Husni Almoubayyed, Ryan S. Baker, Jaclyn Ocumpaugh and Nigel Bosch
The relationships among school engagement, students' emotions, and academic performance in an elementary online learning Jae H. Paik, Igor Himelfarb, Seung Hee Yoo and Jong Tak Lee
The Unspoken Aspect of Socially Shared Regulation in Collaborative Learning: AI-Driven Learning Analytics Unveiling ‘Silent Pauses’ Belle Dang, Andy Nguyen and Sanna Järvelä
Exploring Confusion and Frustration as Non-linear Dynamical Systems Elizabeth B. Cloude, Anabil Munshi, J. M. A. L Andres, Jaclyn Ocumpaugh, Ryan S. Baker and Gautam Biswas
Does Difficulty even Matter? Investigating Difficulty Adjustment and Practice Behavior in an Open-Ended Learning Task Anan Schütt, Tobias Huber, Jauwairia Nasir, Cristina Conati and Elisabeth Andre
The Sequence Matters in Learning - A Systematic Literature Review Manuel Valle Torre, Marcus Specht and Catharine Oertel
Learner Modeling and Recommendation of Learning Resources using Personal Knowledge Graphs Qurat Ul Ain, Mohamed Amine Chatti, Paul Arthur Meteng Kamdem, Rawaa Alatrash, Shoeb Joarder and Clara Siepmann
Large language model augmented exercise retrieval for personalized language learning Austin Xu, Will Monroe and Klinton Bicknell
Have Learning Analytics Dashboards Lived Up to the Hype? A Systematic Review of Impact on Students' Achievement, Motivation, Participation and Attitude
Rogers Kaliisa, Kamila Misiejuk, Sonsoles López-Pernas, Mohammad Khalil and Mohammed Saqr
The role of game design elements on players' engagement: lessons learned for game learning analytics from a case study on a word game Katerina Mangaroska, Kristine Larssen, Andreas Amundsen, Boban Vesin and Michail Giannakos
How do visualizations and automated personalized feedback engage professional learners in a Learning Analytics Dashboard? Sarah Alcock, Maria Aristeidou, Soraya Kouadri Mostefaoui and Bart Rienties
Analytics of scaffold compliance for self-regulated learning John Saint, Yizhou Fan and Dragan Gasevic
Student Effort and Progress Learning Analytics Data Inform Teachers’ SEL Discussions in Math Class Natalie Brezack, Wynnie Chan and Mingyu Feng
Investigating Algorithmic Bias on Bayesian Knowledge Tracing and Carelessness Detectors
Andres Felipe Zambrano, Jiayi Zhang and Ryan S. Baker
Which Planning Tactics Predict Online Course Completion? Ji Yong Cho, Yan Tao, Michael Yeomans and Rene Kizilcec
Revealing Networks: Understanding Effective Teacher Practices in AI-Supported Classrooms using Transmodal Ordered Network Analysis Conrad Borchers, Yeyu Wang, Shamya Karumbaiah, Muhammad Ashiq and David Williamson Shaffer
Shaping and evaluating a system for affective computing in online higher education using a participatory design and the system usability scale Krist Shingjergji, Corrie Urlings, Deniz Iren and Roland Klemke
Harnessing Transparent Learning Analytics for Individualized Support through Auto-detection of Engagement in Face-to-Face Collaborative Learning Qi Zhou, Wannapon Suraworachet and Mutlu Cukurova
Improving Student Learning with Hybrid Human-AI Tutoring: A Three-Study Quasi-Experimental Investigation Danielle R Thomas, Jionghao Lin, Erin Gatz, Ashish Gurung, Shivang Gupta, Kole Norberg, Stephen Fancsali, Vincent Aleven, Lee Branstetter, Emma Brunskill and Kenneth R Koedinger
Can Crowdsourcing Platforms Be Useful for Educational Research? Karen D. Wang, Zhongzhou Chen and Carl Wieman
Finding Paths for Explainable MOOC Recommendation: A Learner Perspective Jibril Frej, Neel Shah, Marta Knezevic, Tanya Nazaretsky and Tanja Käser
Analytics of Planning Behaviours in Self-Regulated Learning: Links with Strategy Use and Prior Knowledge Tongguang Li, Yizhou Fan, Namrata Srivastava, Zijie Zeng, Xinyu Li, Hassan Khosravi, Yi-Shan Tsai, Zachari Swiecki and Dragan Gašević
Gaining Insights into Course Difficulty Variations Using Item Response Theory
Frederik Baucks, Robin Schmucker and Laurenz Wiskott
The Effect of Assistance on Gamers: Assessing The Impact of On-Demand Hints \& Feedback Availability on Learning for Students Who Game the System Kirk Vanacore, Ashish Gurung, Adam Sales and Neil Heffernan
Predicting challenge moments from students’ discourse: A comparison of large language models to other natural language processing approaches Wannapon Suraworachet, Jennifer Seon and Mutlu Cukurova
Temporal and Between-Group Variability in College Dropout Prediction Dominik Glandorf, Hye Rin Lee, Gabe Avakian Orona, Marina Pumptow, Renzhe Yu and Christian Fischer
Discovering Players’ Problem-Solving Behavioral Characteristics in a Puzzle Game through Sequence Mining Karen D. Wang, Haoyu Liu, David DeLiema, Nick Haber and Shima Salehi
Multiple Choice vs. Fill-In Problems: The Trade-off Between Scalability and Learning Ashish Gurung, Kirk P. Vanacore, Andrew A. McReynolds, Korinn S. Ostrow, Eamon Worden, Adam C. Sales and Neil T. Heffernan
Prompt-based and Fine-tuned GPT Models for Context-Dependent and -Independent Deductive Coding in Social Annotation Chenyu Hou, Gaoxia Zhu, Juan Zheng, Lishan Zhang, Xiaoshan Huang, Tianlong Zhong, Shan Li, Hanxiang Du and Chin Lee Ker
Using Think-Aloud Data to Understand Relations between Self-Regulation Cycle Characteristics and Student Performance in Intelligent Tutoring Systems Conrad Borchers, Jiayi Zhang, Ryan S. Baker and Vincent Aleven
Analyzing Students Collaborative Problem-Solving Behaviors in Synergistic STEM+C Learning Caitlin Snyder, Nicole Hutchins, Clayton Cohn, Joyce Fonteles and Gautam Biswas
Quantifying Collaborative Complex Problem Solving in Classrooms using Learning Analytics Megan Taylor, Abhinava Barthakur, Arslan Azad, Srecko Joksimovic, Xuwei Zhang and George Siemens
Measurement of Self-regulated Learning: Strategies for mapping trace data to learning processes and downstream analysis implications Ikenna Osakwe, Guanliang Chen, Yizhou Fan, Mladen Rakovic, Shaveen Singh, Inge Molenaar and Dragan Gasevic
Computational Modeling of Collaborative Discourse to Enable Feedback and Reflection in Middle School Classrooms Chelsea Chandler, Thomas Breideband, Jason G. Reitman, Marissa Chitwood, Jeffrey B. Bush, Amanda Howard, Sarah Leonhart, Peter W. Foltz, William R. Penuel and Sidney K. D'Mello
Heterogenous Network Analytics of Small Group Teamwork: Using Multimodal Data to Uncover Individual Behavioral Engagement Strategies
Shihui Feng, Lixiang Yan, Linxuan Zhao, Roberto Martinez Maldonado and Dragan Gašević
Comparing Authoring Experiences with Spreadsheet Interfaces vs GUIs Shreya Sheel, Ioannis Anastasopoulos and Zach Pardos
Unveiling Goods and Bads: A Critical Analysis of Machine Learning Predictions of Standardized Test Performance in Early Childhood Education Lin Li, Namrata Srivastava, Yuyang Li, Jia Rong, Dragan Gasevic and Guanliang Chen
Scaling While Privacy Preserving: A Comprehensive Synthetic Tabular Data Generation and Evaluation in Learning Analytics Qinyi Liu, Mohammad Khalil, Ronas Shakya and Jelena Jovanovic
Does Feedback on Talk Time Increase Student Engagement? Evidence from a Randomized Controlled Trial on a Math Tutoring Platform Dorottya Demszky, Rose Wang, Sean Geraghty and Carol Yu
CTAM4SRL: A Consolidated Temporal Analytic Method for Analysis of Self-Regulated Learning Debarshi Nath, Dragan Gasevic, Yizhou Fan and Ramkumar Rajendran
Uncovering the Sequential Patterns of Rhetorical Categories in Students' Writing Sehrish Iqbal, Mladen Rakovic, Guanliang Chen, Tongguang Li, Jasmine Bajaj, Rafael Ferreira Mello, Yizhou Fan, Naif Aljohani and Dragan Gasevic
Effecti-Net: A Multimodal Framework and Database for Educational Content Effectiveness Analysis Deep Dwivedi, Ritik Garg, Shiva Baghel, Rushil Thareja, Mukesh Mohania, Ritvik Kulshrestha and Jainendra Shukla
Data Storytelling Editor: A Teacher-Centred Tool for Customising Learning Analytics Dashboard Narratives Gloria Milena Fernandez-Nieto, Roberto Martinez-Maldonado, Vanessa Echeverria, Kirsty Kitto, Dragan Gašević and Simon Buckingham Shum
Feedback, Control, or Explanations? Supporting Teachers With Steerable Question-Generating AI Maxwell Szymanski, Jeroen Ooge, Robin De Croon, Vero Vanden Abeele and Katrien Verbert
Measuring Affective and Motivational States as Conditions for Cognitive and Metacognitive Processing in Self-Regulated Learning Mladen Rakovic, Yuheng Li, Navid Mohammadi Foumani, Mahsa Salehi, Levin Kuhlmann, Geoff Mackellar, Roberto Martinez-Maldonado, Zachari Swiecki, Xinyu Li, Guanliang Chen and Dragan Gasevic
How Contexts Matter: Course-Level Correlates of Performance and Fairness Shift in Predictive Model Transfer Zhen Xu, Joseph Olson, Nicole Pochinki, Zhijian Zheng and Renzhe Yu
Human-tutor Coaching Technology (HTCT): Automated Discourse Analytics in a Coached Tutoring Model Brandon Booth, Jennifer Jacobs, Jeffrey Bush, Brent Milne and Sidney D'Mello

Short Research Papers

Title Authors
Demonstrating the impact of study regularity on academic success using learning analytics Marie-Luce Bourguet
Bridging Learnersourcing and AI: Exploring the Dynamics of Student-AI Collaborative Feedback Generation
Anjali Singh, Christopher Brooks, Xu Wang, Warren Li, Juho Kim and Deepti Pandey
Using Multimodal Learning Analytics to Examine Learners’ Responses to Different Types of Background Music during Reading Comprehension
Ying Que, Jeremy Tzi-Dong Ng, Xiao Hu, Mitchell Kam Fai Mak and Peony Tsz Yan Yip
Architectural Adaptation and Regularization of Attention Networks for Incremental Knowledge Tracing Cheryl Sze Yin Wong and Savitha Ramasamy
Automated Feedback for Student Math Responses Based on Multi-Modality and Fine-Tuning Hai Li, Chenglu Li, Wanli Xing, Sami Baral and Neil Heffernan
A Fair Clustering Approach to Self-Regulated Learning Behaviors in a Virtual Learning Environment Yukyeong Song, Chenglu Li, Wanli Xing, Shan Li and Hakeoung Hannah Lee
Understanding Knowledge Convergence in a Cross-cultural Online Context: An Individual and Collective Approach Mengtong Xiang, Jingjing Zhang and Yue Li
Field report for PlatformX(blinded): Designing an Open MMLA Platform Zaibei Li, Martin Thoft Jensen, Alexander Nolte and Daniel Spikol
What Fairness Metrics Can Really Tell You: A Case Study in the Educational Domain Lea Cohausz, Jakob Kappenberger and Heiner Stuckenschmidt
Bringing Collaborative Analytics using Multimodal Data to Masses: Evaluation and Design Guidelines for Developing a MMLA System for Research and Teaching Practices in Pankaj Chejara, Reet Kasepalu, Luis P. Prieto, María Jesús Rodríguez-Triana and Adolfo Ruiz Calleja
Citation Practices in Learning Analytics Oleksandra Poquet, Srecko Joksimovic and Pernille Brams
Automated Discourse Analysis via Generative Artificial Intelligence Ryan Garg, Jaeyoung Han, Yixin Cheng, Zheng Feng and Zachari Swiecki
Kattis vs. ChatGPT: Assessment and Evaluation of Programming Tasks in the Age of Artificial Intelligence
Nora Dunder, Saga Lundborg, Jacqueline Wong and Olga Viberg
Code Soliloquies for Accurate Calculations in Large Language Models Shashank Sonkar, Xinghe Chen, Myco Le, Naiming Liu, Debshila Basu Mallick and Richard Baraniuk
Analyzing Student Attention and Acceptance of Conversational AI for Math Learning: Insights from a Randomized Controlled Trial Chenglu Li, Wangda Zhu, Wanli Xing and Rui Guo
Estimating the Causal Treatment Effect of Unproductive Persistence
Amelia Leon, Allen Nie, Yash Chandak and Emma Brunskill
An Investigation of Automatically Generated Feedback on Student Behavior and Learning Rachel Van Campenhout, Murray Kimball, Michelle Clark, Jeff Dittel, Bill Jerome and Benny Johnson
Extracting Course Similarity Signal using Subword Embeddings Yinuo Xu and Zach Pardos
Expert Features for a Student Support Recommendation Contextual Bandit Algorithm Morgan Lee, Abubakir Siedahmed and Neil Heffernan
Probing Actionability in Learning Analytics: The Role of Routines, Timing, and Pathways Yeonji Jung and Alyssa Wise
To what extent do responses to a single survey question provide insights into students' sense of belonging? Sriram Ramanathan, Simon Buckingham Shum and Lisa Lim
Minds and Machines Unite: Deciphering Team Social and Cognitive Dynamics with AI Mohammad Amin Samadi, Spencer Jaquay, Yiwen Lin, Elham Tajik, Seehee Park and Nia Nixon
Exploring Student Expectations and Confidence in Learning Analytics Hayk Asatryan, Basile Tousside, Janis Mohr, Malte Neugebauer, Hildo Bijl, Paul Spiegelberg, Claudia Frohn-Schauf and Jörg Frochte
Gamification and Deadending: Unpacking Performance Impacts in Algebraic Learning Siddhartha Pradhan, Ashish Gurung and Erin Ottmar
Navigating (Dis)agreement: AI Assistance to Uncover Peer Feedback Discrepancies
M Parvez Rashid, Edward F Gehringer and Hassan Khosravi
Needs Analysis of Learning Analytics Dashboard for College Teacher Online Professional Learning in an International Training Initiative for the Global South Chao Wang, Xiao Hu, Nora Patricia Hernández López and Jeremy Tzi Dong Ng
Unveiling Synchrony of Learners’ Multimodal Data in Collaborative Maker Activities Zuo Wang, Jeremy Tzi Dong Ng, Ying Que and Xiao Hu
Places to intervene in complex learning systems Kirsty Kitto and Andrew Gibson
A Case Study on University Student Online Learning Patterns Across Multidisciplinary Subjects Yige Song, Eduardo Oliveira, Michael Kirley and Pauline Thompson

Practitioner Reports

Title Authors
Patterns Learning Behaviors 4 Success in Asynchronous Professional Training 4 Educators Dean Cristol and Belinda Gimbert
Co-Designing Augmented Reality Interventions to Support Executive Function for Neurodiverse STEM Students Zachary Alstad Alstad and Ibrahim Dahlstrom-Hakki
A Roadmap for Implementing Learning Analytics Projects: taking into account Pedagogy, Privacy, Ethics, and Technical Infrastructure
Anouschka van Leeuwen, Marije Goudriaan, Ünal Aksu and Momena Yousufzai
Co-LA: A Course-Learner Analytics framework for Co-instructing with Generative Language Models in Computing Education Lele Sha, Zhiping Liang, Yuheng Li, Kaixun Yang, Linxuan Zhao, Lixiang Yan, Gloria Fernandeznieto, Zach Swiecki, Shuai Fu, Guanliang Chen, Dragan Gasevic and Xinyu Li
Enhancing Workplace Training Efficiency: An Exploration of Employees’ Behavioral Patterns on Training Outcome Using Learning Analytics
Weihan Lin, Xingheng Wang, Xiaoshan Huang, Mengyu Liang and Yihua Wu
The Path to AI SME: Harnessing Learning Analytics to Enlighten Conversational Agents for Self-Directed Study Mu He
“Close...but not as good as an educator” - Using ChatGPT to provide formative feedback in large-class collaborative learning Cory Dal Ponte, Sathana Dushyanthen and Kayley Lyons
Evaluating the Use of New Analytics of Canvas LMS in Language Education: A Case Study Report from a Hong Kong University Mansurbek Kushnazarov and Delian Gaskell
The Data Hub of the Institute for the Future of Education Hector G. Ceballos, Gerardo Castañeda, Joanna Alvarado-Uribe, Paola Mejía-Almada and Ubaldo Martínez-Carranza
Platform-based Adaptive Experimental Research in Education: Lessons Learned from Digital Learning Challenge Ilya Musabirov, Mohi Reza, Steven Moore, Pan Chen, Harsh Kumar, Tong Li, Fred Haochen Song, Jiakai Shi, Koby Choy, Thomas Price, John Stamper, Norman Bier, Nina Deliu, Sofia Villar, Anna Rafferty, Audrey Durand and Joseph Jay Williams
Hackathons for Awareness and Community Engagement in Learning Analytics Craig Thompson, Alison Myers, Justin Lee and Will Engle
Implementing learning analytics in data-poor contexts: the role of an institutional data audit Christine Ofulue, Adewale Adesina, Felix Kayode Olakulehin and Oluwaseun Philip Oluyide

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