Accepted Papers

Full Research Papers

  1. Empowering Teachers with AI: Co-Designing a Learning Analytics Tool for Personalized Instruction in the Science Classroom. Tanya Nazaretsky, Carmel Bar, Michal Walter and Giora Alexandron
  2. Scalability, Sustainability, and Ethicality of Multimodal Learning Analytics. Lixiang Yan, Linxuan Zhao, Dragan Gasevic and Roberto Martinez-Maldonado
  3. How does Students' Affect in Virtual Learning Relate to Their Outcomes? A Systematic Review Challenging the Positive-Negative Dichotomy. Shamya Karumbaiah, Ryan Baker, Yan Tao and Ziyang Liu
  4. Knowledge Construction and Uncertainty in Real World Argumentation: A Text Analysis Approach. Ha Nguyen and William Young
  5. Detecting Impasse During Collaborative Problem Solving with Multimodal Learning Analytics. Yingbo Ma, Mehmet Celepkolu and Kristy Elizabeth Boyer
  6. An Instrument for Measuring Teachers’ Trust in AI-Based Educational Technology. Tanya Nazaretsky, Mutlu Cukurova and Giora Alexandron
  7. Too Fast for Their Own Good: Analyzing a Decade of Student Exercise Responses to Explore the Impact of Math Solving Photo Apps. Nathanael Gay, Robert Watkins and Jay Lynch
  8. The effects of learning analytics hint system in supporting students problem-solving. Zilong Pan and Min Liu
  9. How do Teachers Use Open Learning Spaces? Mapping from Teachers' Socio-spatial Data to Spatial Pedagogy. Lixiang Yan, Roberto Martinez-Maldonado, Linxuan Zhao, Joanne Deppeler, Deborah Corrigan and Dragan Gasevic
  10. Grade 5 Students’ Elective Replay After Experiencing Failures in Learning Fractions in an Educational Game: When Does Replay After Failures Benefit Learning?. Qian Zhang and Teomara Rutherford
  11. How can Email Interventions Increase Students’ Completion of Online Homework? A Case Study Using A/B Comparisons. Angela Zavaleta Bernuy, Ziwen Han, Hammad Shaikh, Qi Yin Zheng, Lisa-Angelique Lim, Anna Rafferty, Andrew Petersen and Joseph Jay Williams
  12. Towards an Automatic Approach for Assessing Program Competencies. Xinyuan Chang, Bingxin Wang and Bowen Hui
  13. Using Learner Trace Data to Understand Metacognitive Processes in Writing from Multiple Sources. Mladen Rakovic, Yizhou Fan, Joep van der Graaf, Shaveen Singh, Jonathan Kilgour, Lyn Lim, Johanna Moore, Maria Bennert, Inge Molenaar and Dragan Gasevic
  14. Mining Code Submissions to Elucidate Disengagement in a Computer Science MOOC. Efrat Vinker and Amir Rubinstein
  15. A Comparison of Learning Analytics Frameworks: a Systematic Review. Mohammad Khalil, Paul Prinsloo and Sharon Slade
  16. Modelling Co-located Team Communication from Voice Detection and Positioning Data in Healthcare Simulation. Linxuan Zhao, Lixiang Yan, Dragan Gašević, Samantha Dix, Hollie Jaggard, Rosie Wotherspoon, Riordan Alfredo, Xinyu Li and Roberto Martinez-Maldonado
  17. Understanding Distributed Tutorship in Online Language Tutoring. Meng Xia, Yankun Zhao, Mehmet Hamza Erol, Jihyeong Hong and Juho Kim
  18. Towards automated content analysis of rhetorical structure of written essays using sequential content-independent features in Portuguese. Rafael Ferreira, Giuseppe Fiorentino, Hilário Oliveira, Péricles Miranda, Mladen Rakovic and Dragan Gasevic
  19. The Question-driven Dashboard: How Can We Design Analytics Interfaces Aligned to Teachers' Inquiry?. Stanislav Pozdniakov, Roberto Martinez-Maldonado, Yi-Shan Tsai, Mutlu Cukurova, Tom Bartindale, Peter Chen, Harrison Marshall, Dan Richardson and Dragan Gasevic
  20. A Penny for your Thoughts: Students and Instructors' Expectations about Learning Analytics in Brazil. Taciana Pontual Falcão, Rodrigo Lins Rodrigues, Cristian Cechinel, Diego Matos, Elaine Harada Teixeira de Oliveira, Isabela Gasparini, Rafael Dias Araújo, Tiago Primo, Dragan Gasevic and Rafael Ferreira
  21. A Multi-level Trace Clustering Analysis Scheme for Measuring Students' Self-Regulated Learning Behavior in a Mastery-Based Online Learning Environment. Tom Zhang, Michelle Taub and Zhongzhou Chen
  22. Do Speech-Based Collaboration Analytics Generalize Across Task Contexts?. Samuel L. Pugh, Arjun Rao, Angela E.B. Stewart and Sidney K. D'Mello
  23. Beyond the Learning Analytics Dashboard: Alternative Ways to Communicate Student Data Insights Combining Visualisation, Narrative and Storytelling. Gloria Milena Fernandez-Nieto, Kirsty Kitto, Simon Buckingham Shum and Roberto Martinez-Maldonado
  24. “Beautiful work, you’re rock stars!”: Teacher Analytics to Uncover Discourse that Supports or Undermines Student Motivation, Identity, and Belonging in Classrooms. Nicholas Hunkins, Sean Kelly and Sidney D'Mello
  25. Giving Feedback on Feedback: An Assessment of Grader Feedback Construction on Student Performance. Serena Nicoll, Christopher Brinton and Kerrie Douglas
  26. Thinking with causal models: A visual formalism for collaboratively crafting assumptions. Ben Hicks, Kirsty Kitto, Leonie Payne and Simon Buckingham Shum
  27. A Review of Learning Analytics Dashboard Research in Higher Education: Implications for Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion. Kimberly Williamson and Rene Kizilcec
  28. FairEd: A Systematic Fairness Analysis Approach Applied in a Higher Educational Context. Jonathan Vasquez, Xavier Gitiaux, Cesar Ortega and Huzefa Rangwala
  29. Exploring the Politeness of Instructional Strategies from Human-Human Online Tutoring Dialogues. Jionghao Lin, Mladen Rakovic, David Lang, Dragan Gasevic and Guanliang Chen
  30. A novel video recommendation system for algebra: An effectiveness evaluation study. Walter Leite, Samrat Roy, Nilanjana Chakraborty, George Michailidis, A. Corinne Huggins-Manley, Sidney D'Mello, Mohamad Kazem Shirani Faradonbeh, Emily Jensen, Huan Kuang and Zeyuan Jing
  31. Semester-level Spacing but Not Procrastination Affected Student Exam Performance. Iman Yeckehzaare, Victoria Mulligan, Grace Ramstad and Paul Resnick
  32. Uncovering Associations Between Cognitive Presence and Speech Acts: A Network-Based Approach. Sehrish Iqbal, Zachari Swiecki, Srecko Joksimovic, Rafael Ferreira Mello, Naif Aljohani, Saeed Ul Hassan and Dragan Gasevic
  33. Effects of Internal and External Conditions on Strategies of Self-regulated Learning: A Learning Analytics Study. Namrata Srivastava, Yizhou Fan, Mladen Raković, Shaveen Singh, Jelena Jovanovic, Joep van der Graaf, Lyn Lim, Surya Surendrannair, Jonathan Kilgour, Inge Molenaar, Maria Bannert, Johanna Moore and Dragan Gašević
  34. Questioning learning analytics? Cultivating critical engagement as student automated feedback literacy. Antonette Shibani, Simon Knight and Simon Buckingham Shum
  35. Time-on-Task Estimation Based on Learning Activity Outlier Detection. Daniela Rotelli and Anna Monreale
  36. Tweetology of Learning Analytics: What does Twitter tell us about the trends and development of the field?. Mohammad Khalil, Jacqueline Wong, Erkan Er, Gleb Belokrys and Martin Heitmann
  37. NASC: Network analytics to uncover socio-cognitive discourse of student roles. Máverick André Dionísio Ferreira, Rafael Ferreira, Vitomir Kovanovic, André Nascimento, Rafael Lins and Dragan Gasevic
  38. Charting Design Needs and Strategic Approaches for Academic Analytics Systems through Co-Design. Yi-Shan Tsai, Shaveen Singh, Mladen Rakovic, Lisa-Angelique Lim, Anushka Roychoudhury and Dragan Gašević
  39. Towards Collaborative Convergence: Quantifying Collaboration Quality with Automated Co-located Collaboration Analytics. Sambit Praharaj, Maren Scheffel, Marcel Schmitz, Marcus Specht and Hendrik Drachsler

Short Research Papers

  1. Challenges of using auto-correction tools for language learning. Sylvio Rüdian, Moritz Dittmeyer, Niels Pinkwart
  2. Do Gender and Race Matter? Supporting Help-Seeking with Fair Peer Recommenders in an Online Algebra Learning Platform. Chenglu Li, Wanli Xing and Walter Leite
  3. Enhancing Programming Knowledge Tracing by Interacting Programming Skills and Student Code. Mengxia Zhu, Siqi Han and Xuesong Lu
  4. Needs Analysis and Prototype Evaluation of Student-facing LA Dashboard for Virtual Reality Content Creation. Jeremy Tzi-Dong Ng, Zuo Wang and Xiao Hu
  5. Towards Multi-modal Evaluation of Eye-tracked Virtual Heritage Environment. Jeremy Tzi-Dong Ng, Xiao Hu and Ying Que
  6. Educational Explainable Recommender Usage and its Effectiveness in High school Summer Vacation Assignment.. Kyosuke Takami, Yiling Dai, Brendan Flanagan and Hiroaki Ogata
  7. Tracking Individuals in Classroom Videos via Post-processing OpenPose Data. Paul Hur and Nigel Bosch
  8. Self-directed Extensive Reading supported with GOAL system: Mining Sequential Patterns of Learning Behavior and Predicting Academic Performance. Jiayu Li, Huiyong Li, Rwitajit Majumdar, Yuanyuan Yang and Hiroaki Ogata
  9. An Exploratory Evaluation of a Collaboration Feedback Report. Vanessa Echeverria, Marisol Wong-Villacres, Xavier Ochoa and Katherine Chiluiza
  10. Teammates Stabilize over Time in How They Evaluate Their Team Experiences. Rebecca Matz, Albert Lee, Robin Fowler and Caitlin Hayward
  11. PeerBERT: Automated Characterization of Peer Review Comments across Courses. Amber Dood, Blair Winograd, Solaire Finkenstaedt-Quinn, Anne Gere and Ginger Shultz
  12. Socio-Semantic Network Motifs Framework for Discourse Analysis. Bodong Chen, Xinran Zhu and Hong Shui
  13. Towards a Pragmatic and Theory-Driven Framework for Multimodal Collaboration Feedback. Maurice Boothe, Collin Yu, Armanda Lewis and Xavier Ochoa
  14. Defining Productive Struggle in ST Math: Implications for Developing Indicators of Learning Behaviors and Strategies in Digital Learning Environments. Andy Krumm, Andrew Coulson and Julie Neisler
  15. Pilot Recommender System Enabling Students to Indirectly Help Each Other and Foster Belonging Through Reflections. Aileen Benedict, Erfan Al-Hossami, Mohsen Dorodchi, Alexandria Benedict and Sandra Wiktor
  16. Unpacking Instructors’ Analytics Use: Two Distinct Profiles for Informing Teaching. Qiujie Li, Yeonji Jung, Bernice D’anjou and Alyssa Wise
  17. Participatory and Co-Design of Learning Analytics: An Initial Review of the Literature. Juan Sarmiento and Alyssa Wise
  18. Effects of Technological Interventions for Self-regulation: A Control Experiment in Learnersourcing. Hatim Lahza, Hassan Khosravi, Gianluca Demartini and Dragan Gasevic
  19. How Does Analysis of Handwritten Notes Provide Better Insights for Learning Behavior?. Boyi Li, Tsubasa Minematsu, Yuta Taniguchi, Fumiya Okubo and Atsushi Shimada
  20. Experimental Evidence of Performance Feedback vs. Mastery Feedback onStudents’ Academic Motivation. Stephen Aguilar
  21. Hybrid Curriculum Development for Personalised Informal Learning Environments. Mohammadreza Tavakoli, Abdolali Faraji, Mohammadreza Molavi and Gábor Kismihók
  22. Generating and Evaluating Collective Concept Maps. Riordan Brennan and Debbie Perouli
  23. Co-occurrence patterns of issues and guidelines related to ethics and privacy of learning analytics in higher education - literature review. Barbara Šlibar, Jelena Gusić, Sabina Rako and Diana Simic

Practitioner Reports

  1. Procrastination is a key indicator of success or failure in some online business courses. Brent Benson
  2. Tutors’ deliberations for implementing a Learning Analytics Dashboard in the Educational Context. Lars de Vreugd, Renée Jansen, Anouschka van Leeuwen, Anouk Pouwels and Marieke van der Schaaf
  3. Adoption and usage challenges of a Learning Analytics Dashboard for game-based learning: design and implementation implications. Andrea Gauthier, Manolis Mavrikis, Laura Benton and Asimina Vasalou
  4. Participatory Design of a Writing Assessment Tool: Teachers’ Needs and Design Solutions. Tong Li, Sarah Creer, Tracy Arner, Rod Roscoe, Laura Allen and Danielle McNamara
  5. Human-centered learning analytics in interdisciplinary projects: co-designing data collection. Birte Heinemann, Matthias Ehlenz and Ulrik Schroeder
  6. Amplifying the Signal: Exploring the Usefulness of Natural Language Processing to Inform Student Success Decision-Making. Marilee Bresciani Ludvik, Henry Anderson, Elizabeth Clinton Powers, Pete Smith, Stephen Schellenberg, Sandy Kahn, Nina Potter, Catherine Robert, Amanda Olsen, Maureen Guarcello, Mitch Strahlman, Nasima Subedi, Shiming Zhang, Danielle Klein and Molly Albart

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