LAK22 Sponsorship Prospectus

The Society for Learning Analytics Research (SoLAR) is the largest global community of researchers and leaders exploring the role and impact of analytics on teaching, learning, training and development across the higher education and K-12 sectors.

The 12th Learning Analytics and Knowledge conference (LAK22) organized by SoLAR in conjunction with the University of California, Irvine will be a fully virtual event from March 21 to 25, 2022. LAK attendees include internationally recognized leaders and researchers in Learning Analytics, Deputy Vice Chancellors, Presidents, Chief Technology Officers, Deans, Vice Provosts, doctoral students, and instructional technologists. Again, this year there will be a Practitioner’s and Corporate Analytics track highlighting the impact that Learning Analytics is having in the real world.

In addition to LAK, SoLAR offers an annual Learning Analytics Summer Institute (LASI) to provide an intensive training event for graduate students and staff new to the field of learning analytics. Diamond, Platinum, Gold and Silver Sponsors automatically become sponsors and enjoy benefits of LASI22 to be held 13-17 June 2022 fully virtual in partnership with the University of British Columbia.

Participating in the LAK conference is a unique opportunity for your organization to:

  • Instantly gain exposure to a diverse set of individuals from world-leading researchers to senior managers with different levels of analytics expertise
  • Interact with other participants and build innovative new partnerships
  • Showcase products and services to international leaders in the learning analytics and educational data mining

Last year’s LAK conference had over 600 participants from 40 countries and we are projecting at least the same number again this year.

Why Does LAK and LASI Need Sponsors?

Organizations are able to choose a level of support outlined in the table below, or propose a customized sponsorship level. Sponsors enable us to keep registration rates as low as possible, provide open access proceedings, scholarships for students and early career researchers, expand the impact of new research findings, connect the next generation of learners with researchers and promote discussions between practitioners and researchers.

As a sponsor of LAK22, you can look forward to several new options to increase your visibility due to the virtual format of LAK22. With each of these platforms, additional assistance will be provided by organizers to assist in any set-up requirements. For LAK22, we will once again be utilizing Whova as our main conference event platform. Whova provides a mobile and desktop web app and enables sponsors to:

  • Maximize brand exposure with banners
  • start virtual meet-ups with attendees
  • engage attendees via the Community Board
  • Get insights of attendees via SmartProfile
  • Discover and nurture high quality leads
  • Achieve high ROI with various promotional

LAK22 Sponsorship Opportunities

The following packages provide a general overview of sponsorship levels. Please keep in mind that space is limited, and sponsorship opportunities will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.

If you’d like more detail about the Whova Event platform and how we support virtual sponsorship, please contact us. In addition, custom sponsor opportunities are also available - please contact the Conference Chair Dr. Grace Lynch at to discuss.


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