Keynote Speakers

Professor Scott Freeman (University of Washington, USA)

Scott Freeman grew up in Wisconsin and received a B.A. in Biology from Carleton College in 1978. After working in environmental education and international conservation for six years, he did graduate work at the University of Washington on the molecular systematics and morphological evolution of blackbirds and received a PhD in zoology in 1991. He had a Sloan Fellowship to support a post-doctoral fellowship in molecular evolution at Princeton University, then returned to the University of Washington as Director of Public Programs at the Burke Museum. Since the mid-1990s his focus has been on textbook writing, teaching, and discipline-based education research. He co-authored Evolutionary Analysis and was sole author of Biological Science, each through four editions—the texts are now in their 6th editions—and recently published his first book for a general audience, Saving Tarboo Creek. He is currently Lecturer Emeritus in Biology at the UW, where he conducts research on how active learning techniques impact student performance. He is a recipient of a UW Distinguished Teaching Award.


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