Accepted Papers

Full Research Papers

Title Authors
Predicting Item Response Theory Parameters Using Question Statements Texts Wemerson Marinho, Esteban Clua, Luis Marti and Karla Marinho
Logs or Self-Reports? Misalignment Between Behavioral Trace data and Surveys when Modeling Learner Achievement Goal Orientation Heeryung Choi, Philip H. Winne, Christopher Brooks, Warren Li and Kerby Shedden
SeNA: Modelling Socio-spatial Analytics on Homophily by Integrating Social and Epistemic Network Analysis Lixiang Yan, Roberto Martinez-Maldonado, Linxuan Zhao, Xinyu Li and Dragan Gasevic
TikTok as Learning Analytics Data: Framing Climate Change and Data Practices Ha Nguyen
Learning analytics dashboards: What do students actually ask for? Blaženka Divjak, Barbi Svetec and Damir Horvat
"That Student Should be a Lion Tamer!" StressViz: Designing a Stress Analytics Dashboard for Teachers Riordan D. Alfredo, Lanbing Nie, Paul Kennedy, Tamara Power, Carolyn Hayes, Hui Chen, Carolyn McGregor, Zachari Swiecki, Dragan Gasevic and Roberto Martinez-Maldonado
Predictive Learning Analytics and University Teachers: Usage and perceptions three years post implementation Christothea Herodotou, Claire Maguire, Martin Hlosta and Paul Mulholland
Each Encounter Counts: Modeling Language Learning and Forgetting Boxuan Ma, Gayan Prasad Hettiarachchi, Sora Fukui and Yuji Ando
How Do Teachers Use Dashboards Enhanced with Data Storytelling Elements According to their Data Visualisation Literacy Skills? Stanislav Pozdniakov, Roberto Martinez-Maldonado, Yi-Shan Tsai, Vanessa Echeverria, Namrata Srivastava and Dragan Gasevic
Learner-centred Analytics of Feedback Content in Higher Education Jionghao Lin, Wei Dai, Lisa-Angelique Lim, Yi-Shan Tsai, Rafael Ferreira Mello, Hassan Khosravi, Dragan Gasevic and Guanliang Chen
How to Build More Generalizable Models for Collaboration Quality? Lessons Learned from Exploring Multi-Contexts Audio-Log Datasets using Multimodal Learning Analytics Pankaj Chejara, Luis P. Prieto, María Jesús Rodríguez-Triana, Reet Kasepalu, Adolfo Ruiz Calleja and Shashi Kant Shankar
Empowering Teacher Learning with AI: Automated Evaluation of Teacher Attention to Student Ideas during Argumentation-focused Discussion Tanya Nazaretsky, Jamie Mikeska and Beata Beigman Klebanov
Are They Learning or Guessing? Investigating Trial-and-Error Behavior with Limited Test Attempts Bowen Hui
Names, Nicknames, and Spelling Errors: Protecting Participant Identity in Learning Analytics of Online Discussions Elaine Farrow, Johanna Moore and Dragan Gasevic
How to Open Science: A Principle and Reproducibility Review of the Learning Analytics and Knowledge Conference Aaron Haim, Stacy Shaw and Neil Heffernan
Impact of Non-Cognitive Interventions on Student Learning Behaviors and Outcomes: An Analysis of Seven Large-Scale Experimental Inventions Kirk Vanacore, Ashish Gurung, Andrew McReynolds, Allison Liu, Stacy Shaw and Neil Heffernan
CVPE: A Computer Vision Approach for Scalable and Privacy-Preserving Socio-spatial, Multimodal Learning Analytics Xinyu Li, Lixiang Yan, Linxuan Zhao, Roberto Martinez-Maldonado and Dragan Gašević
METS: Multimodal Learning Analytics of Embodied Teamwork Learning Linxuan Zhao, Zachari Swiecki, Dragan Gasevic, Lixiang Yan, Samantha Dix, Hollie Jaggard, Rosie Wotherspoon, Abra Osborne, Xinyu Li, Riordan Alfredo and Roberto Martinez-Maldonado
Identifying Student Profiles of Change in a University Course: A Complex Dynamical Systems Perspective Oleksandra Poquet, Jelena Jovanovic and Abelardo Pardo
Effects of Modalities in Detecting Behavioral Engagement in Collaborative Game-Based Learning Fahmid Morshed Fahid, Seung Lee, Bradford Mott, Jessica Vandenberg, Halim Acosta, Thomas Brush, Krista Glazewski, Cindy Hmelo-Silver and James Lester
Insights into undergraduate pathways using course load analytics Conrad Borchers and Zachary Pardos
Do Associations Between Mind Wandering and Learning from Complex Texts Vary by Assessment Depth and Time? Megan Caruso and Sidney D'Mello
Capturing what you want or settling for what you have? A scoping review of engagement in K-12 learning analytics Melissa Bond, Olga Viberg and Nina Bergdahl
When the Tutor Becomes the Student: Design and Evaluation of Efficient Scenario-based Lessons for Tutors Danielle Thomas, Xinyu Yang, Shivang Gupta, Adetunji Adeniran, Elizabeth McLaughlin and Kenneth Koedinger
Investigating Student’s Problem-solving Approaches in MOOCs using Natural Language Processing Byeongjo Kong and Erik Hemberg
Lost in Translation: Determining the Generalizability of Temporal Models across Course Contexts Joshua Quick, Benjamin Motz and Anastasia Morrone
Instructor-in-the-Loop Exploratory Analytics to Support Group Work Armanda Lewis, Xavier Ochoa and Rohini Qamra
When to Intervene? Utilizing Two Facets of Temporality in Students’ SRL Processes in a Programming Course Sina Nazeri, Marek Hatala and Fatemeh Salehian Kia
Towards more replicable content analysis for learning analytics Kirsty Kitto, Catherine Manly, Rebecca Ferguson and Oleksandra Poquet
Using Transformer Language Models to Validate Peer-Assigned Essay Scores in Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) Wesley Morris, Scott Crossley, Langdon Holmes and Anne Trumbore
Using Teacher Dashboards to Customize Lesson Plans for a Problem-Based, Middle School STEM Curriculum Nicole Hutchins and Gautam Biswas
Multimodal Predictive Student Modeling with Multi-Task Transfer Learning Andrew Emerson, Wookhee Min, Jonathan Rowe, Roger Azevedo and James Lester
Trusting the Explainers: Explainable AI for Course Design Vinitra Swamy, Sijia Du, Mirko Marras and Tanja Käser
The Doer Effect at Scale: Investigating Correlation and Causation Across Seven Courses Rachel Van Campenhout, Bill Jerome, Jeff Dittel and Benny Johnson
Instruction-Embedded Assessment for Reading Ability in Adaptive Mathematics Software Husni Almoubayyed, Stephen Fancsali and Steven Ritter
Online help-seeking occurring in multiple computer-mediated conversations affects grades in an introductory programming course Elizabeth Cloude, Ryan Baker and Eric Fouh
Predicting Co-occurring Emotions in MetaTutor when Combining Eye-Tracking and Interaction Data from Separate User Studies Rohit Murali, Cristina Conati and Roger Azevedo
Identification, Exploration, and Remediation: Can Teacher Predict Common Wrong Answers? Ashish Gurung, Sami Baral, Kirk P. Vanacore, Andrew A. McReynolds, Hilary Kreisberg, Anthony F. Botelho, Stacy T. Shaw and Neil T. Hefferna
Learning Analytics and Stakeholder Inclusion: What do We Mean When We Say "Human Centered"? Charles Lang and Laura Davis
Towards Automated Analysis of Rhetorical Categories in Students Essay Writings using Bloom's Taxonomy Sehrish Iqbal, Mladen Rakovic, Guanliang Chen, Tongguang Li, Rafael Ferreira Mello, Yizhou Fan, Giuseppe Fiorentino, Naif Radi Aljohani and Dragan Gasevic
Recurrence Quantification Analysis of Eye Gaze Dynamics During Team Collaboration Robert Moulder, Brandon Booth, Angelina Abitino and Sidney D'Mello
Do Not Trust a Model Because It is Confident: Uncovering and Characterizing Unknown Unknowns to Student Success Predictors in Online-Based Learning Roberta Galici, Tanja Käser, Gianni Fenu and Mirko Marras
Using a Webcam Based Eye-tracker to Understand Students’ Thought Patterns and Reading Behaviors in Neurodivergent Classrooms Aaron Wong, Rick Bryck, Stephen Hutt, Ryan Baker and Caitlin Mills
The Student Zipf Theory: Inferring Latent Structures in Open-Ended Student Work To Help Educators Yunsung Kim and Chris Piech
Identifying Gaze Behavior Evolution via Temporal Fully-Weighted Scanpath Graphs Eduardo Davalos, Caleb Vatral, Clayton Cohn, Joyce Horn Fonteles, Gautam Biswas, Naveeduddin Mohammed, Madison Lee and Daniel Levin
Demographic and Behavioral Oversampling for Fair Student Success Modeling: Protected Attributes Tell Us Who, Behavior Tells Us How: A Comparison of Demographic and Behavioral Oversampling for Fair Student Success Modeling Jade Mai Cock, Bilal Muhammad, Richard Davis, Mirko Marras and Tanja Käser
Moral Machines or Tyranny of the Majority? A Systematic Review on Predictive Bias in Education Lin Li, Lele Sha, Yuheng Li, Mladen Rakovic, Jia Rong, Srecko Joksimovic, Neil Selwyn, Dragan Gasevic and Guanliang Chen
Towards explainable prediction of essay cohesion in Portuguese and English Hilario Oliveira, Rafael Ferreira Mello, Mladen Rakovic, Péricles Miranda, Thiago Cordeiro, Seiji Isotani, Ig Bittencourt and Dragan Gasevic
Can we empower attentive E-reading with a social robot? An Introductory Study with a Novel Multimodal dataset and Deep Learning Approaches Yoon Lee and Marcus Specht

Short Research Papers

Title Authors
Automated, content-focused feedback for a writing-to-learn assignment in an undergraduate organic chemistry course Field M. Watts, Amber J. Dood and Ginger V. Shultz
Fostering Privacy Literacy among High-school Students]{Fostering Privacy Literacy among High-school Students by Leveraging Social Media Interaction and Learning Analytics in the Classroom Andrea Franco and Adrian Holzer
The Role of Gender in Students’ Privacy Concerns about Learning Analytics: Evidence from five countries Rene F. Kizilcec, Olga Viberg, Ioana Jivet, Alejandra Martínez Monés, Maren Scheffel, Alice Oh, Stefan Hrastinski and Chantal Mutimukwe
Embracing Trustworthiness and Authenticity in the Validation of Learning Analytics Systems Max van Haastrecht, Matthieu Brinkhuis, Jessica Peichl, Bernd Remmele and Marco Spruit
Impact of window size on the generalizability of collaboration quality estimation models developed using Multimodal Learning Analytics Pankaj Chejara, Luis P. Prieto, María Jesús Rodríguez-Triana, Adolfo Ruiz Calleja and Mohammad Khalil
Exploring the Feedback Provision of Mentors and Clients for Teams in Work-Integrated Learning Environments Andrew Zamecnik, Srecko Joksimovic, Vitomir Kovanovic, Georg Grossmann, Djazia Ladjal and Abelardo Pardo
What do students want to know while taking massive open online courses?: Examining massive open online course students’ needs based on online forum discussions from a Universal Design for Learning approach Songhee Han, Hyangeun Ji, Zilu Jiang, Michael West and Min Liu
An Integrated Model of Feedback and Assessment: From fine grained to holistic programmatic review Shane Dawson, Abelardo Pardo, Fatemeh Salehian Kia and Ernesto Panadero
Detecting the Disengaged Reader - Using scrolling data to predict disengagement during academic reading Daniel Biedermann, Jan Schneider, George-Petru Ciordas-Hertel, Carolin Hahnel, Beate Eichmann, Frank Goldhammer and Hendrik Drachsler
Cluster-Based Performance of Student Dropout Prediction as a Solution for Large Scale Models in a Moodle LMS Louis-Vincent Poellhuber, Bruno Poellhuber, Michel Desmarais, Christian Léger, Normand Roy and Mathieu Manh-Chien Vu
Are We on the Same Page? Modeling Linguistic Synchrony and Math Literacy in Mathematical Discussions Yukyeong Song, Wanli Xing, Xiaoyi Tian and Chenglu Li
What is a Learner Profile for? A comparative study Abhinava Barthakur, Shane Dawson and Vitomir Kovanovic
Instructional Strategies and Student eTextbook Reading Jae-Eun Russell, Bryce Damman, Anna Marie Smith and Salim George
A Dashboard to Provide Instructors with Automated Feedback on Students’ Peer Review Comments Amber Dood, Kapotaksha Das, Zhen Qian, Solaire Finkenstaedt-Quinn, Anne Gere and Ginger Shultz
Joint Choice Time: A Metric for Better Understanding Collaboration in Interactive Museum Exhibits Matthew Berland and Vishesh Kumar
Informing Expert Feature Engineering through Automated Approaches: Implications for Coding Qualitative Classroom Video Data Paul Hur, Nessrine Machaka, Christina Krist and Nigel Bosch
Using submission log data to investigate novice programmers’ employment of debugging strategies Qianhui Liu and Luc Paquette
Blockly-DS: Blocks Programming for Data Science with Visual, Statistical, Descriptive and Predictive Analysis Luiz Barboza, Rafael Mello, Micah Modell and Erico Teixeira
Collaborative descriptions of student group from audio data in an engineering discussion classroom Robin Jephthah Rajarathinam and Cynthia M. D'Angelo
Predicting Students' Algebra I Performance using Reinforcement Learning with Multi-Group Fairness Fan Zhang, Wanli Xing and Chenglu Li
How Students' Emotion and Motivation Changes After Viewing Dashboards with Varied Social Comparison Group: A Qualitative Study Kimia Aghaei, Marek Hatala and Alireza Mogharrab
Leveraging LMS Logs to Analyze Self-Regulated Learning Behaviours in a Maker-based Course Jeremy Tzi-Dong Ng, Yiming Liu, Xiao Hu, Sum Yi Didier Chui and Chak Hong Jack Man

Practitioner Reports

Title Authors
Selecting Distractors for Automatically Generated MCQs Sean Shiverick, Clarence Dillon and Steve Hookway
3 Years of GOAL project in Public School: Leveraging Learning & Smartwatch Logs for Self-directed Learning Rwitajit Majumdar, Yuanyuan Yang, Huiyong Li, Brendan Flanagan and Hiroaki Ogata
Orchestrating Virtual Reality Simulations in Undergraduate Nursing Education Mamta Shah and Jennifer Wills-Savoia
Learning Analytics Dashboards for Professional Academic Advisors Juan-Claude Lemmens and Hestie Byles
Pause for effect: academic staff survey results of a long-standing learning analytics implementation and implications for future practice David Fulcher, Juliana Cavalieri Goncalves Peloche and Soroush Homayounpour
In-Course Social Interaction Associated with High Performance in Active, Social Online Business Courses Brent Benson
Flexible Coupling of Learning Analytics Research and Practice in the University: A Collective Strengths Approach Alyssa Wise, Andrew Brackett and Ben Maddox
Exploring the potential of NLP for automated assessment of creativity Antonella Strambi, David H. Cropley and David Caldwell
An Exploratory Analysis Investigating Determinants of Learning Performance in the Workplace Weihan Lin, Xingheng Wang, Aarren Minneyfield, Mengyu Liang and Yihua Wu
Building an Infrastructure for A/B Experiments at Scale: The Challenges, the Opportunities, and the Lessons for the Learning Analytics Community Sreecharan Sankaranarayanan, Chellie Harrison, Sarita Kumari, Kim Larson, Robert Lemiesz, Nicolas Mesa, Ryan Mitts, Ishita Verma and Dawn Zimmaro
A Rapid Approach to Learning Analytics: A Distance-Based Program Assessment Tool Gina Deom and Stefano Fiorini
A peer in the loop: The human touch that analytics needs Jenna Matthews, Hillary Swanson, Morgan Slugantz and Kausha Miller
Connecting Pedagogical Design to Intervention: A Large Scale Implementation of Embedded Learning Analytics Amir Winer and Nitza Geri
Integrating Competency-Based Education in Interactive Learning Systems Maximilian Sölch, Moritz Aberle and Stephan Krusche
OLI Torus: a next-generation, open platform for adaptive courseware development, delivery, and research Norman Bier, John Stamper, Ariel Anbar, Steven Moore and Darren Siegel
Using chatbots as a learning partner to promote student self-awareness and autonomy in an aspirational careers program. John Paul Kennedy, Deborah Devis, Kim Giannoni, Clare Reuther, Tamika Roach-Attard and Simon Leonard

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