Statement of Commitment

SoLAR believes in fostering the free exchange of ideas in an environment that welcomes people of all backgrounds and identities with respect, compassion, inclusion and understanding. We expect all community members to act in accordance with these values. Members must have the freedom to embrace and explore a range of ideas as a diversity of opinions and backgrounds is a fundamental strength of our community.  SoLAR events aim to create spaces where every participant can express themselves without fear of judgement or harassment and feel safe. For more detail, please see the SoLAR event code of conduct – 2022 Code of Conduct

Together with the University of Texas at Arlington (UTA), our LAK23 location host, we are committed to inclusion and diversity. UTA prides itself on being a diverse and inclusive community, designated as one of the most diverse undergraduate student bodies in the United States. In addition, UTA has eight specific commitments to promote Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, and continues to report progress on these initiatives such as professional development, scholarship opportunities and more – to know more, you can visit the UTA website here.  

As a founding member of SoLAR, UTA has been a strong supporter for student scholarships, inclusion, and the growth of our learning analytics community. We look forward to providing a high quality hybrid experience that includes in-person and virtual participation for LAK23 that enables the community across the globe to come together.

SoLAR and UTA are committed to inclusion and diversity while at the same time, recognize the desire for an in-person event again as a community after three years of fully online conferences.


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