LASI Spain Kicks Off Tomorrow (June 29-30, 2023)

The Spanish Network of Learning Analytics is glad to announce its 12th edition of the Learning Analytics Summer Institute Spain 2023 (LASI Spain 2023).

LASI Spain 2023 (, will take place in Madrid on June 29-30, 2023, organized by SNOLA (the Spanish Network of Learning Analytics) and will have Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (UNED) as a host. LASI Spain is part of the global LASI network (, conceived as a platform to catalyze educators, technologists, researchers, enterprise, and policymakers around shaping the next generation of learning infrastructures to truly serve the needs now facing the education sector.

LASI Spain 2023 aims to promote links among Spanish researchers on LA, and to connect them with the international community, mainly in Europe (with the support of SoLAR’s European SIG (LACE-SIG) and in Latin-American Countries. It is a face-to-face event with the possibility to participate online to accommodate to a variety of personal circumstances of the interested participants.

This years’ LASI Spain theme is “Learning Analytics & Artificial Intelligence: Balancing risks and opportunities”. As a community close to AI tools and techniques, we need to reflect on the challenges that the tremendous rise of AI in our society poses for LA and on what LA has to contribute to this discussion. Baltasar Fernandez-Manjón, from UCM, Madrid, will present the keynote “Learning Analytics for games in the AI revolution” and there will be talks and panels related to this theme. LASI Spain 2023 will host the fourth edition of the Doctoral Consortium, that welcomes PhD students willing to share their project and discuss them with the community.

Registration is free but needed to participate and have access to the papers and sessions (link:

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