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Journal of Learning Analytics

The journal is an official publication of the Society for Learning Analytics Research (SoLAR). With an international Editorial Board comprising leading scholars.

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Handbook of Learning Analytics

The Handbook of Learning Analytics is designed to meet the needs of a new and growing field. It aims to balance rigor, quality, open access and breadth of appeal and was devised to be an introduction to the current state of research.

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Conference Proceedings

The International Learning Analytics and Knowledge Conference since its inception has published the conference proceedings in the ACM Digital Library. Starting in 2016, as the conference continues to expand, we began publishing our own companion proceedings to include practitioner papers and more.

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Position Papers

The papers on topics of particular importance to Learning Analytics Research & Practice

SoLAR Blogs Nexus

SoLAR Nexus

Nexus is the latest channel to join our podcasts and webinars, as we get the word out about Learning Analytics to our diverse audiences.


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