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Nexus, is just the latest channel to join our podcasts and webinars, as we get the word out about Learning Analytics to our diverse audiences.

Nexus? As the name signals, this is meant to bring people together from across the diverse community interested in these questions — including educators, learning technologists, instructional designers, researchers, data scientists, user interface designers, educational leaders — hey, even students who are curious to know how these systems come into being!

Nexus is published on Medium at to take advantage of that huge community, but also mirrored here since Medium limits non-members to 3 articles/month. So if you’re not signed up there, you can still read to your heart’s content here!

Enjoy the stories. Like/dislike what you see? Want to share your work? You’re warmly invited to email the editors with your ideas and feedback: solarnexusblog {at} gmail dot com

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Big educational decision coming? Here is how technology can help

Big educational decision coming? Here is how technology can help

How can a data driven LA/AI tool support people facing educational transitions and decisions? This study investigated users’ experiences with a recommendation system suggesting study programs based on unique user data and found that users regard LA/AI as a supportive asset in the face of educational transitions and decisions…
Posted by Egle Gedrimiene in Nexus

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