What is a SoLAR LASI Local?

SoLAR LASI Local or a Learning Analytics Summer Institute (LASI) Local is a local/regional event centered around Learning Analytics.  SoLAR would like to promote these events to provide participants with the opportunity to know more about techniques, approaches, or problems relevant for Learning Analytics today, along with sharing findings derived from this field. If you are interested in building local or regional collaboration in Learning Analytics between students, researchers and practitioners, we encourage you to consider hosting a SoLAR LASI local. Please review the guidelines below and contact us for more information!

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Guidelines for Running a SoLAR LASI Local

Design your local event to meet the needs of your context. Most events have been face-to-face, but in past years have included 100% online, and 50/50 blended. They may scale from nations/regions/states, to a small group in your institution translating the big ideas into implications for research and practice. It may be a small discussion group, to an event with your own speakers, agenda-setting workshops, hands-on tutorials and panels. So think local, and think about the mix that will work for you and your community.

SoLAR LASI Locals are about field-building, so it should be a fantastic platform to shape the next generations of talents in learning analytics to truly serve the needs in educational sectors and the broader society. As such, these events can also facilitate conversation and collaboration among educators, technologists, researchers, enterprise and policy makers.

Support from SoLAR

In general, SoLAR will provide only the following support:

  • In-Cooperation: The event can use the logo of SoLAR and mention SoLAR as a supporter of the event.
  • Dissemination support: The event can use SoLAR communication channels to disseminate information strictly related to the event (including SoLAR monthly newsletter).
  • In case you want to include a keynote or a panel, the SoLAR Events Portfolio Committee may recommend speakers (at least for a remote video keynote or intervention).

Approval process for hosting a SoLAR LASI Local

To receive the status of a SoLAR LASI Local event organizers must submit their application to the SoLAR Events working group by filling out the Request for SoLAR Event In-Cooperation. Prior SoLAR LASI locals will receive expedited approvals, but we still ask you to contact us at Before submitting your application for their first time (or requesting its renewal), please review the event in-cooperation guidelines. If you have any specific questions, please contact
Once the final approval is obtained, the logo of SoLAR and all references to SoLAR support should only be included as part of the information about the event.

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