Strategic Plan

Goals – April 2023 to December 2025

  1. Develop sustainable models for SoLAR major events 2024-2025
  2. Assist individual and institutional members with embedding learning analytics in practice
  3. Develop an engagement plan to work and/or collaborate with industry and its rapid pace/development (e.g., AI)
  4. Continue to increase the diversity and inclusivity of the SoLAR Community


In combination with or in addition to the SoLAR Executive, the following Working Groups assist in furthering, the vision, mission, core business and strategic goals:

  • Communication & Website oversee the internal and external communications of the Society
  • Education promotes the development of high-quality Learning Analytics educational resources
  • Inclusion develops and implements initiatives aimed to promote, elevate and foster an open, diverse, and inclusive environment
  • Industry develops and promotes partnership with industry seeking to partner in related projects.
  • Special Interest Groups promote and support the establishment of SIGs within the Society.
  • Membership works on initiatives to expand membership benefits and increase overall membership for the Society.
  • Journal of Learning Analytics creates and disseminates new tools, techniques, study transformations, and provide ongoing evaluation and critique of conceptual, technical and practice outcomes.
  • IAALDE increases the visibility and impact of research produced by member societies.
  • Events encourage and support the community in hosting learning analytics related events to further the mission of the Society Includes LAK and LASI programme/organizing teams).
  • ECR Grant encourages and supports early career researchers with annual funding opportunity in the ECR grant.
  • Learning Analytics in Practice (LAP) implements and promotes the newly launched online event which focuses on practical implementation of Learning Analytics around the globe.
About the Strategic Planning Process:
Every two years, SoLAR Executive members come together to review the state of the field, speak to past and present stakeholders and institutional members to collect information on the problems SoLAR and the learning analytics community face. From this information, the SoLAR Executive create 3-4 main goals along with actions and measurements. Each year at the annual general meeting, SoLAR reports their activities based on the strategic plan.

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