SoLAR Working Groups

Join us in working toward the mission of the society. Get involved with a SoLAR Working Group today!

The SoLAR Executive Working Groups are governed by the SoLAR Executive Committee. The Executive committee is made up of elected members as per the SoLAR by-laws. In addition to the SoLAR Executive, there are working groups created to further the mission and vision of the SoLAR community, as needed.

  • Working group chairs are Executive members who lead and oversee the working groups.
  • Each working group chairperson can volunteer or be nominated.
  • Working groups can be comprised of Executive members and non-executive SoLAR members.
  • Working groups work outside of regular executive meetings.
  • Update and bring forth proposals to the SoLAR Executive as needed.
  • Each working group operates on an annual basis and is reassessed with every new executive team.

If you are interested in joining a SoLAR working Group, please reach out to the individual Working Group Chair and/or our Event & Management Coordinator, Nicole at


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