Multimodal Learning Analytics Across Spaces (SOLAR CrossMMLA SIG)


The SIG aims to promote further research that considers the challenges of making sense of complex interaction data that involve multiple modalities, people and spaces. The goals of the SIG are to support the SoLAR with specific activities that bring together interdisciplinary researchers that are exploring the role and impact of analytics on teaching, learning, training
and development. Furthermore, the SIG will organize special activities for LAK and LASI that supports collaborative and open research. These special activities include hands-on workshops scientific and practice focused, PhD courses, and outreach to education and governments. In addition, the SIG will conduct activities that help build the larger SOLAR community.

Organizing Committee:

  • Roberto Martinez-Maldonado (
  • Daniel Spikol (
  • Marcelo Worsley
  • Luis P. Prieto
  • Mutlu Cukurova
  • María Jesús Rodríguez-Triana
  • Xavier Ochoa
  • Inge Molenaar
  • Michail Giannakos
  • Vanessa Echeverria Barzola
  • Daniel Di Mitri
  • Jan Schneider
  • Davinia Hernández-Leo
  • Justin Dauwels

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