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Title: Learning and Regulating with ChatGPT: What an Experimental Study Tells Us

The advances in artificial intelligence (AI) have profoundly transformed and will continue to influence the workforce by automating numerous tasks across various sectors. Consequently, it is vital for students and professionals to develop the capability to “learn and work with AI,” a focus that has increasingly become central in educational paradigms. As the practice and research of AI-assisted learning evolve, a significant advancement in learning analytics is the capacity to measure and understand how learning occurs with AI scaffolding. Nevertheless, empirical research in this area remains nascent, calling for further exploration. In this webinar, Dr. Fan will present his recently concluded SoLAR ECR project, which centers on understanding learners' interactions and regulation using ChatGPT. He and his colleagues conducted an experimental study involving 117 learners, who were randomly assigned to one of four groups, each provided with different forms of learning support (e.g., ChatGPT and human experts). His presentation will share insights into how these groups compare in terms of self-regulated learning processes, help-seeking behaviors, self-assessment skills, and overall learning performance. Additionally, Dr. Fan will discuss the promises and challenges of using generative AI in education that identified in his empirical study.


Yizhou Fan is an Assistant Professor in the Graduate School of Education at Peking University and an Adjunct Research Fellow at the Centre for Learning Analytics at Monash University. He identifies as a learning analyst employing computational techniques to enhance the understanding of self-regulated learning and to develop next-generation learning environments for envisioning future education. In 2023, he received the Emerging Scholars Award and Early Career Research Grant from SoLAR. His recent research focuses on human-AI collaboration and the scaffolding of hybrid intelligence.