Erik Duval Travel Scholarship

One of the main goals of SoLAR is to develop the field of learning analytics through the formation of a new generation of researchers. As such, SoLAR is constantly seeking ways to facilitate the access of early-career researchers to the events that define the learning analytics community. The most important of these initiatives is the travel scholarships named after late Professor Erik Duval, a beloved member of the learning analytics community.

Erik was a Professor of Computer Science at the University of Leuven and one of the foremost researchers in the field of Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) for more than a decade, but he was much more than that. Erik's career was spent in learning how to improve how we learn, or in Erik's words – "how to get better at getting better". This question is at the heart of any learning analytics study.

Due to his open and generous nature, Erik was really appreciated among young researchers. No matter how busy, he was always available to provide guidance and research and career advice to the most novel members of the community. Xavier Ochoa, current Vice President of SoLAR was one of the lucky PhD students to be advised by Erik. In his words – "As an advisor, Erik was like a father teaching his children how to ride a bicycle: providing 'just the right' amount of support and encouragement but letting students learn their lessons themselves and letting them become independent researchers".

Erik was an exceptional human being, one of those individuals you felt lucky to have met. His contribution to learning analytics goes beyond his research papers. He helped create and grow the community and his legacy continues to inspire us to get better in helping other people at getting better.

In his honour, and to continue his legacy, SoLAR established in 2016 the Erik Duval Travel Scholarships to assist students in attending and participating in intensive workshops at the Learning Analytics Summer Institutes (LASI). Since the inception of the scholarship program, 140 students have received some form of funding to assist them in attending the Learning Analytics Summer Institute.

From 2024, the Erik Duval Travel Scholarship will assist students in participating in the intensive Doctoral Consortium workshop and LAK.

SoLAR would not be able to provide these travel scholarships without our institutional members and sponsors. Thank you! By taking part in our community you are helping to continue Erik's legacy in supporting and encouraging new students in the field.

Photo of Erik Duval

In Memory
Erik Duval, 1965-2016


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