K12 Research Scientist

OpenStax, Rice University

Rice University’s OpenStax is a non-profit textbook publisher, learning software producer and platform for learning research. Our mission is to provide every student with free or low-cost access to high-quality learning materials and tools that help them succeed in their education and career. We have created software to help college students in three of those subjects read with more engagement and practice more effectively, incorporating our research team’s expertise in cognitive science and machine learning. OpenStax has published more than forty high-quality, peer-reviewed textbooks, available for free and used by millions of students annually. More recently, we have begun developing texts and resources for use at the secondary level, and have conducted learning science research on some resources.

The research scientist conducts independent experimental studies and manages research projects and related budgets, communicates the results of scientific research through presentations, and supervises undergraduates/graduate student researchers and maintains a safe and efficient work environment. The research scientist will work with a team of product managers, business team members, engineers and external partners to design & conduct behavioral experiments, analyze data, develop algorithms and create and enhance learning systems.

This K-12 research-focused position is grant funded and continuation of this position is dependent on funding and need.

You will join a team who is driving change at a pivotal phase of our evolution, as we deliver high quality educational content, ranging from textbooks to simulations and videos to exercises to full courses, and give educators and learners the support they need in core college and high school disciplines.

We celebrate diversity of all kinds and we are committed to nurturing an inclusive environment. We seek to hire, develop, and retain talented people from all backgrounds. We are part of a private university, but our team comes from a variety of backgrounds and includes people who attended universities and community colleges, as well as people who did not graduate from college.

The ideal candidate for this role is passionate about the market being served and is dedicated to a high-performance environment.

Essential Functions

  • Performs scientific research conducting independent experimental studies, facilitating other ongoing research in the laboratory, and developing and validating new protocols, methodologies, and / or theories
  • Manages research projects and related budgets
  • Communicates the results of scientific research through verbal presentations at scientific conferences and written articles submitted for publication
  • Actively engages to improve the laboratory’s reputation and set of scientific capabilities
  • Seeks and supports the development of new research grants
  • Supervises and / or trains student researchers in the lab
  • Maintains a harmonious, safe, and efficient work environment by training new laboratory members in the correct use of equipment, ordering necessary supplies as needed, and coordinating routine equipment maintenance
  • Performs all other duties as assigned

Required Qualifications

  • PhD or other Doctoral Degree in cognitive science, educational psychology, education, educational data mining, or equivalent
  • Three (3) years of postdoctoral experience in applied educational research with an emphasis on research in the K12 space
  • Proficient and comprehensive knowledge of information management, knowledge management and publication management
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills with strong ability to read, understand, and communicate technical documentation
  • Ability to work in a team environment, to participate actively, to collaborate and to motivate others in the lab
  • Possess a logical and independent mind
  • Good interpersonal skills such as patience, determination, flexibility, and decisiveness
  • Excellent scientific and numerical skills with meticulous attention to details and accuracy
  • Proficient in R or Python

Preferred Qualifications

  • Knowledge of R Markdown, LateX, Qualtrics/Survey tools, Mechanical Turk, GitHub, SQL and/or R Shiny
  • Experience working on an educational product or services team

To apply for this job please visit emdz.fa.us2.oraclecloud.com.