Handbook of Learning Analytics

Chapter 12

Handbook of Learning Analytics
First Edition

Learning Analytics Dashboards

Joris Klerkx, Katrien Verbert & Erik Duval


This chapter presents learning analytics dashboards that visualize learning traces to give users insight into the learning process. Examples are shown of what data these dashboards use, for whom they are intended, what the goal is, and how data can be visualized. In addition, guidelines on how to get started with the development of learning analytics dashboards are presented for practitioners and researchers.

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Learning Analytics Dashboards

Book Title
Handbook of Learning Analytics

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Society for Learning Analytics Research

Joris Klerkx
Katrien Verbert
Erik Duval

Author Affiliations
Department of Computer Science, KU Leuven, Belgium

Charles Lang1
George Siemens2
Alyssa Wise3
Dragan Gašević4

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1. Teachers College, Columbia University, USA
2. LINK Research Lab, University of Texas at Arlington, USA
3. Learning Analytics Research Network, New York University, USA
4. Schools of Education and Informatics, University of Edinburgh, UK


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