Handbook of Learning Analytics – First edition

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The Handbook of Learning Analytics
Editors: Charles Lang, George Siemens, Alyssa Wise, Dragan Gašević
ISBN: 978-0-9952408-0-3
DOI: 10.18608/hla17

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The Handbook of Learning Analytics is designed to meet the needs of a new and growing field. It aims to balance rigor, quality, open access and breadth of appeal and was devised to be an introduction to the current state of research. The Handbook is a snapshot of the field in 2017 and features a range of prominent authors from the learning analytics and educational data mining research communities. The chapters have been peer-reviewed by committed members of these fields and are being published with the endorsement of both the Society for Learning Analytics Research and the International Society for Educational Data Mining. We hope you will find the Handbook of Learning Analytics a useful and informative resource.

About this Book

This volume provides an extensive view into what we know now about learning analytics from the perspective of leading experts in the field. I am confident that you will find here research that will simultaneously excite you with ideas about how we can change the world of education and frustrate you with the evidence of the challenges ahead for doing so. We invite you to join us in this adventure.

~ Stephanie Teasley
President, Society for Learning Analytics Research

The future of learning analytics is bright. Educational institutions have already seen the many promising opportunities that it provides for advancing our understanding of different learning processes and enhancing them in a variety of settings. The Handbook of Learning Analytics provides a much-needed entry point to this growing area and I am sure this publication will help sustain the already considerable momentum the field has generated.

~ Mykola Pechenizkiy
President, International Educational Data Mining Society

Table of contents

Foundational Concepts

S. Knight & S. Buckingham Shum

Pages 17-22

Techniques & Approaches

V. Kovanović, S. Joksimović, D. Gašević, M. Hatala, & G. Siemens

Pages 77-92

D. McNamara, L. Allen, S. Crossley, M. Dascalu, & C. Perret

Pages 93-104

J. Klerkx, K. Verbert & E. Duval

Pages 143-150


A. Pardo, O. Poquet, R. Martínez-Maldonado & S. Dawson

Pages 163-174

N. Mirriahi & L. Vigentini

Pages 251-267

Institutional Strategies & Systems Perspectives

C. Colvin, S. Dawson, A. Wade, & D. Gašević

Pages 281-289

A. Zouaq, J. Jovanović, S. Joksimović & D. Gašević

Pages 347-355


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