Handbook of Learning Analytics – Second edition

The Handbook of Learning Analytics
Editors: Charles Lang, George Siemens, Alyssa Friend Wise, Dragan Gašević, Agathe Merceron
ISBN: 978-0-9952408-3-4
DOI: 10.18608/hla22

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The Handbook of Learning Analytics is designed to meet the needs of a new and growing field. It aims to balance rigor, quality, open access and breadth of appeal and was devised to be an introduction to the current state of research. The second edition of the Handbook is a snapshot of the field in 2022 and features a range of prominent authors from the learning analytics community. The chapters have been peer-reviewed by committed members of these fields and are being published with the endorsement of the Society for Learning Analytics Research. We hope you will find the Handbook of Learning Analytics a useful and informative resource.

With some topics getting revisited and extended as well as additional ones being presented, this new volume of the Handbook of Learning Analytics provides a much-needed and updated view into the research happening in learning analytics. It is filled to the brim with insights from leading experts and offers you a wonderful opportunity to see how the field has developed, expanded and matured over the years.

~ Maren Scheffel, President, Society for Learning Analytics Research

Table of Contents



Charles Lang, Alyssa Friend Wise, Agathe Merceron, Dragan Gašević, & George Siemens

Pages 8-18

Methods and Techniques


Christopher Brooks & Craig Thompson

Pages 29-37

Oleksandra Poquet & Srećko Joksimović

Pages 38-45



Pages 96-104

Sidney K. D’Mello & Emily Jensen

Pages 120-129

Anouschka van Leeuwen, Stephanie D. Teasley, & Alyssa Friend Wise

Pages 130-140

Emily Reardon, Vishesh Kumar, & Glenda Revelle

Pages 152-162

Pages 173-186

Use and Systems


Ellen B. Mandinach & Lisa M. Abrams

Pages 196-204

Yi-Shan Tsai & Roberto Martinez-Maldonado

Pages 213-222

Cecilia Aguerrebere, Hao He, Michael Kwet, Mikko-Jussi Laakso, Charles Lang, Cecilia Marconi, Detra Price-Dennis, & He Zhang

Pages 223-231

Maren Scheffel, Yi-Shan Tsai, Dragan Gašević, & Hendrik Drachsler

Pages 231-239


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