Handbook of Learning Analytics

Chapter 13

Teacher and Student Facing Learning Analytics

Anouschka van Leeuwen, Stephanie D. Teasley, & Alyssa Friend Wise


Learning analytics systems are increasingly being designed for and implemented in classroom teaching and learning in K-12 and post-secondary contexts. For analytics to play a constructive role, it is important to consider how they are being used by teachers and students and how they can be designed to enhance and complement human decision making. In this chapter, we first discuss issues that teachers and students face in the sensemaking of learning analytics systems as well as in the subsequent phase of acting on the information provided by such systems. We then discuss the following aspects for teacher facing and then student facing analytics: (a) theoretical models underlying analytics use; (b) ways analytic systems have been designed and implemented; (c) evidence of impact the systems have had on teaching and learning. The chapter ends with an overarching discussion of challenges that concern both teacher and student facing analytics and introduces the possibilities for co-design of analytics systems to address some of these challenges.

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