Learning Analytics Summer Institute (LASI)

The Learning Analytics Summer Institute is a strategic event, co-organized by SoLAR and host institutions. In parallel, a global network of LASI-Locals run their own institutes.

The SoLAR Learning Analytics Summer Institutes (LASI) ran from 2013 to 2023 in partnership with host universities. At that time, LASI served as an intellectual and social springboard to accelerate the maturation of the discipline. More than a decade later, we have seen the learning analytics field continue to expand and mature as it embraces the multi-disciplinary approach across learning and education.

In addition to those LASIs hosted by SoLAR, a global network of LASI-locals ran their own events. For instance, Australian Learning Analytics Summer Institute (ALASI) is among the largest communities that host their own event every November. In the past, European learning analytics communities organized LASI-Nordic, LASI-Germany, LASI-Spain, among others.

Moving forward, the goal is to empower our regional leaders to host local LASIs that have an immediate impact on their learning, fostering regional collaboration and more. SoLAR will continue to provide guidance to our institutional members and partners around the world to build a high quality LASI experience.

If you are interested in hosting or organizing a LASI-Local, please see our Event In-Cooperation page to view the guidelines along with the In-Cooperation request form. To view any local LASIs, please check out the Local LASI page here.

The SoLAR newsletter sent to our individual members provides timely information about the dates and registration for different LASIs. Become a subscriber today to not miss out on any LASI’s that may take place around the world!


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