ABSTRACT. As algorithms pervade societal life, they are moving from the preserve of computer science to becoming the object of far wider academic and media attention. Many are now asking how the behaviour of algorithms can be made “accountable”. But why are they “opaque” and to whom? As this vital discussion unfolds in relation to Big Data in general, the Learning Analytics community must articulate what would count as meaningful questions and satisfactory answers in educational contexts. In this talk, I propose different lenses that we can bring to bear on a given learning analytics tool, to ask what it would mean for it to be accountable, and to whom. From a Human-Centred Informatics perspective, it turns out that algorithmic accountability may be the wrong focus.

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URL: http://simon.buckinghamshum.net/2016/03/algorithmic-accountability-for-learning-analytics/
Publication Date: May, 2016
Author(s): Simon Buckingham Shum
Source: Invited Talk UCL Institute of Education, London Knowledge Lab