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Lea’s Learning Analytics Summer Camp (July, 2015)


The Lea’s Box project  Learning Analytics Summer Camp was held in Prague on 1 July and 31 August 2015. The summer camp is based on an in-depth presentation of the projects and research directions and the search for a common ground and alignment of common strengths. This event is not so much a mere exchangeContinue reading →

LASI14 – Panel – Learning Analytics Strategy and Policy (June, 2014)


Learning Analytics Summer Institute 2014 (July 2) Panel: Learning Analytics Strategy & Policy

Improving the Quality and Productivity of the Higher Education Sector (January, 2013)


a White Paper for the Australian Government Office for Learning and Teaching This discussion paper responds to the high level of investment higher education leaders are currently making in data analytics. Australian higher education institutions are devoting considerable resources to better understand the factors that impact student retention and success. The imperative for developing aContinue reading →