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Big Data in Education

Online textbook associated with Baker’s MOOC Big Data in Education

Lea’s Learning Analytics Summer Camp

The Lea’s Box project  Learning Analytics Summer Camp was held in Prague on 1 July and 31 August 2015. The summer camp is based on an in-depth presentation of the projects and research directions and the search for a common ground and alignment of common strengths. This event is not so much a mere exchangeContinue reading →

2012 Learning Analytics and Knowledge Course

This course is offered by the Society for Learning Analytics Research in advance of our 2nd international conference. Capturing and analyzing data has changed how decisions are made and resources are allocated in businesses, journalism, government, and military and intelligence fields. Through better use of data, leaders are able to plan and enact strategies withContinue reading →

Learning and Knowledge Analytics Course

Starting January 2011, this open course was offered to support the Learning and Knowledge Analytics 2011 Conference. The course was facilitated by George Siemens (TEKRI, Athabasca University), Jon Dron (SCIS, Athabasca University), Dave Cormier (University of Prince Edward Island), Tanya Elias (Athabasa University), and Sylvia Currie (BCcampus). The syllabus, archives, and other resources are openContinue reading →

Introduction to Learning and Knowledge Analytics (COMP 683 Athabasca U)

The growth of data overwhelms those who try to make sense of it. This concern is particularly evident in complex knowledge-intensive organizations. Learning institutions and corporations often don’t pay attention to the data trails that learners create in the process of accessing learning materials, interacting with educators and peers, and creating new content. In anContinue reading →