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Creating Data for Learning Analytics Ecosystems

Learning is a complex process that involves rich interactions between people, politics, places, and increasingly, technology. Using clickstream data to provide deep insights into learning requires care and a system wide approach. We need learning analytics ecosystems.

Case Study, Acting on Assessment Analytics

Over the past five years, as part of its overall developments in teaching and learning, The University of Huddersfield has been active in developing new approaches to assessment and feedback methodologies. This has included the implementation of related technologies such as e-submission and marking tools. In this case study Dr Cath Ellis shares with usContinue reading →

Case Study, Engaging with Analytics

Jean Mutton, Student Experience Project Manager, University of Derby, shares with us some approaches she has been spearheading in terms of using data and analytics to help improve the student experience. Through their participation in Jisc development programmes, Jean and her team (including paid student interns) have taken a service design approach that focuses onContinue reading →

Infrastructure and Tools for Analytics

Analytics is notable in that it is a headline grabbing trend in many domains, but has also been around for a long time under various other labels. One consequence of that longevity is that there is a bewildering array of tools available that can support an analytics process in some way. An exhaustive overview ofContinue reading →

Analytics for Understanding Research

The view here is that the use of analytics to understand research is a given part of contemporaneous research, at researcher, research group, institution, national and international levels. Given the fundamental importance of assessment of research and the role that analytics may play, it is of paramount importance for the future of research to constructContinue reading →

A Framework of Characteristics for Analytics

This paper, the seventh in the CETIS Analytics Series, considers one way to explore similarities, differences, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, etc of actual or proposed applications of analytics. It is a framework for asking questions about the high level decisions embedded within a given application of analytics and assessing the match to real world concerns. TheContinue reading →

Institutional Readiness for Analytics

This briefing paper is written for managers and early adopters in further and higher education who are thinking about how they can build capability in their institution to make better use of data that is held on their IT systems about the organisation and provision of the student experience. It will be of interest toContinue reading →

A Brief History of Analytics

The potential of analytics according to this definition is to help us to evaluate past actions and to estimate the potential of future actions, so to make better decisions and adopt more effective strategies as organisations or individuals. Analytics allows us to increase the degree to which our choices are based on evidence rather thanContinue reading →

The impact of analytics in Higher Education on academic practice

Many strong claims have been made for Learning Analytics and the potential which it has to transform the education system, which deserve to be treated with caution, particularly as they regard teaching practice. The introduction of these techniques cannot be understood in isolation from the methods of educational management as they have grown up overContinue reading →

UNESCO Policy Brief: Learning Analytics

Learning Analytics is a rapidly growing research field and commercial , with potentially disruptive potential. While educational researchers have for many years used computational techniques to analyse learner data, generate visualizations of learning dynamics,and build predictive models to test theories — for the first time, these techniques are becoming available to educators, learners and policyContinue reading →