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LAK’16 Practitioner Track Proceedings

Practitioners spearhead a significant portion of learning analytics, relying on implementation and experimentation rather than on traditional academic research. The primary goal of the LAK practitioner track is to share thoughts and findings that stem from learning analytics project implementations. The proceedings of the practitioner track from LAK’16 contains 12 short papers that share reportsContinue reading →

Big Data in Education

Online textbook associated with Baker’s MOOC Big Data in Education

Analítica del Aprendizaje

Presentation about what is Learning Analytics (in Spanish). Presentación acerca de Analítica del Aprendizaje (en Español)

Lea’s Learning Analytics Summer Camp

The Lea’s Box project  Learning Analytics Summer Camp was held in Prague on 1 July and 31 August 2015. The summer camp is based on an in-depth presentation of the projects and research directions and the search for a common ground and alignment of common strengths. This event is not so much a mere exchangeContinue reading →

Learning Analytics – Current Status and Prospects

The new president of the Society for Learning Analytics, Dragan Gašević, gives his perspectives on the current state-of-affairs of Learning Analytics and what will happen in the next few years.

Student Learning Analytics at Michigan Seminar Series

The SLAM seminar series has been on-going at the University of Michigan for four years now, and all four years of presentations have been archived on video (with accompanying slide sets) at the Center for Research on Learning and Teaching.

Learning Analytics: From Research to Practice

This edited volume includes theories, findings, strategies, and tools from across education and technological disciplines. Guiding readers through preparation, design, and examples of implementation, this pioneering reference clarifies LA methods as not mere data collection but sophisticated, systems-based analysis with practical applicability inside the classroom and in the larger world. Case studies illustrate applications ofContinue reading →

LASI14 – Local Update

Learning Analytics Summer Institute 2014 (June 30) Local Update – Cairo, UW-Madison, Hong Kong, Madrid

LASI14 – Panel – Learning Analytics and Learning Science

Learning Analytics Summer Institute 2014 (June 30) Panel: Learning Analytics and Learning Science

LASI14 – Panel – Learning Analytics Professionals

Learning Analytics Summer Institute 2014 (June 30) Panel: Learning Analytics Professionals